Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Disorders

How We Can Help

  • Spirometry:  Measurement of Airflow

  • Full Pulmonary Function Testing:  Measures lung volumes, airflow and oxygen diffusion capacity.  Pulmonary Function Testing has been a major step forward in assessing the functional status of the lungs as it relates to:

  1. How much air volume can be moved in and out of the lungs 
  2. How fast the air in the lungs can be moved in and out 
  3. How stiff are the lungs and chest wall – a question about compliance 
  4. The diffusion characteristics of the membrane through which the gas moves (determined by special tests)
  5. How the lungs respond to chest physical therapy procedures
  6. Pulmonary Function Tests are used for the following reasons: 
  7. Screening for the causes of shortness of breath 
  8. Evaluating the patient prior to surgery 
  • Pulmonary Rehab – Your Lungs at Work:  Reconditioning for patients with lung disease.  This individualized program is conducted by a Respiratory Therapist and includes exercise and educational session, support group, breathing techniques and exercises.

  • Pulmonary/6 Minute Walk Test:  Measurement of exercise capacity and oxygenation.

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